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What will you do when the power goes out?

The electric grid is a wonderful thing. The engineering behind properly balancing electricity generation with electricity load throughout the day is an amazing feat. The achievement of delivering electricity through transmission and distribution lines from large central generation to every neighborhood is incredible. The workers who keep the power on and brave the worst weather to restore power are to be praised. Our grid, though, is vulnerable to weather, imbalances, and other threats. Preparation and planning for power outages can make sure your home’s critical electricity users are sustainably powered from your own solar PV system.

Mountain View Solar is our region’s leader in home battery systems with more than a decade of installing home battery systems for everything from fully off-grid cabins to suburban homes with HOA’s. Our solar consultants and our in-house applications engineer work to custom-size your battery system to power your specific electricity users. While other companies offer a one-size-fits all approach and often only offer one type of system, our professionals work with you to select the specific solar and battery system for your needs.

Our team is now proud to offer the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter and SolarEdge Energy Bank battery backup system. Manufactured by the world’s leading inverter maker, the Energy Hub + Energy Bank combination offers homeowners scalable resilience. The beauty of the Energy Hub + Energy Bank combination is it creates a mini “micro-grid” for a homeowner as the system also has the capability to recharge the battery via a generator. This built-in redundancy, with the generator acting as a seldom-used, but important back-up to the back-up ensures your home’s critical users will be powered during the darkest days of winter when solar recharging is the least.

The other beauties of the SolarEdge Energy Hub + Energy Bank system are that:

  • it features DC to DC charging for maximum overall efficiency (94.5% round trip efficiency)
  • during times of grid connection, the batteries can charge and electricity can be exported to the grid
  • it can be paired with SolarEdge’s fast electric vehicle charger for car charging when the power is out

Importantly a typical solar photovoltaic system without a battery will not deliver any electricity to your home during a power outage. A battery system with the capability to disconnect your home from the broader electric grid to create a mini micro-grid in your home is necessary in order to have electricity during an outage, even if you have solar panels.

Our team is excited about adding SolarEdge’s Energy Hub + Energy Bank to our battery offerings which include Tesla PowerWall, enPhase enCharge, and Schneider XW with lithium battery systems. Each battery system has its best use case and our team hears your needs to select the best battery to fit your home and your budget.

Speaking of budget, our team offers 100%, $0 down, financing so your entire solar and battery system can be paid through monthly payments. You can sign a contract with us, we permit, procure, and install your system, we work with the utility to get your system turned on, and you don’t pay anything until your monthly payments start after your system is up and running.

Our in-house solar professionals are here to provide your no-cost system design and would love to connect for a friendly conversation. Contact us today and we can get the ball rolling so you are prepared for the next power outage. Click here to request a free estimate:

*SolarEdge Energy Hub and the images used in this article are (c) SolarEdge Technologies