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Meet Our Team

Our Employees

Mountain View Solar is an employee-driven company and are our most valuable asset.  Without their drive, commitment to service, and positive energy, Mountain View Solar would not have endured.  We take great pride in investing in our team, offering them the ability to grow both personally and professionally.  They are the heart of our story.


MtvSolar Employees MikeMcKechnie 1531 2

Mike McKechnie

President and Founder
MtvSolar Employees Kelly

Kelly Waugh

Vice President & Controller

Project Development

Bob Marggraf Photo

Bob Marggraf

Business Development Consultant
MtvSolar Employees ColleenWood

Colleen Wood

Solar PV Consultant
MtvSolar Employees Danny

Danny Chiotos

Sales and Market Development Director

Hannah Ehlman

Solar PV Consultant
MtvSolar Jabari

Jabari Baker

Solar PV Consultant
MtvSolar Employees Lydian 1352

Lydian Miles-Monaghan

Energy Systems Specialist
MtvSolar Employees JohnChristiansen 1428

John Christensen

Renewables Advocate
MtvSolar Employees Kerri

Kerry Allden-Collins

Inside Sales Manager
MtvSolar Employees Kiki

Kiki McKechnie

Lead Qualifier
MtvSolar Employees Shane

Shane LaBrush

Senior Residential Solar PV and Battery Consultant
MtvSolar Employees MikeStudholme

Mike Studholme

Senior Solar PV and Battery Consultant

Project Management

Danielle Fazenbaker

Project Coordinator
MtvSolar Employees MK 1408

MaryKate Monaghan-Miles

Administrative Assistant

Ryan Slack

Master Electrician
MtvSolar Employees Sarah

Sarah Joy

Project Manager
MtvSolar Employees Stacey

Stacy Slovinsky

Project Coordinator

Project Production

MtvSolar Employees Brandon

Brandon Widdows

Crew Lead, Journeyman Electrician
MtvSolar Employees Brenda

Brenda Rippeon

Inventory Specialist
MtvSolar Employees Christian

Christian Sapp

Installation Crew Member
MtvSolar Employees Trevor

Trevor Jamison

Journeyman Electrician
MtvSolar Employees Henry

Henry Gill-Newton

Crew Lead
MtvSolar Employees Jared

Jared Thompson

Installation Crew Member
MtvSolar Employees Rob

Rob Thompson

Crew Lead
MtvSolar Employees Sam

Sam Hubbard

Service Technician, Journeyman Electrician
MtvSolar Employees Paul

Paul Corbit-Brown

Warehouse Manager

Steven Wolfe

Installation Crew Member

Jesse Hayes

Installation Crew Member

Jay Hayes

Special Operations

John Kemper

Installation Crew Member

Jared Rigney

Installation Crew Member


MtvSolar Employees Anthony

Anthony "Mert" Sprigg

TrAIL FAA Foreman

Pete Barstow

TrAIL FAA Technician

Mike McKechnie

Mike McKechnie is the President of Mountain View Solar which is a leading local solar and battery installation firm with twenty-five local staff and more than 1,000 renewable energy systems installed in the residential, non-profit, commercial, and public sectors.  In 2008, he was awarded with the West Virginia Environmental Council’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award, in 2012 he was awarded the Small Business Administration’s “Entrepreneurial Success of the Year” Award, and in 2018 he was awarded the Small Business Administration’s “West Virginia Minority-Owned Business of the Year Award”.

Kelly Waugh

When Kelly was a junior in high school she was recruited by Mike to work at Mountain View Builders.  She lived within walking distance of the office, so it was perfect. That was nineteen years ago, and Kelly went from answering phones and helping with paperwork, to becoming the Vice President and Controller of Mountain View Solar. She continues to play an integral part in making Mountain View Solar the success that it is.

Kelly started nursing school, but realized that with MTVSolar she was in a unique position to have a positive impact in the world.

The time spent at nursing school has come in handy, not only with the crew and office staff, but because Kelly has two happy and active boys at home, Parker (14)and Calder (5), they are her life.

When Kelly isn’t working she is most likely spending time with her boys, she goes from building Legos or defending the castle from imaginary creatures with Calder, to either playing basketball with Parker or driving him to any number of basketball related outings. She and the boys love to be out in the yard, where they are making a comfy home for a visiting rabbit, hoping to convince him to stay around.

Seeing her boys smile is the highlight of any day, although occasionally Calder will give her the cute, dimpled, “I’ve done something ornery” smile, which usually means trouble, unfortunately, it’s still super cute!

On the rare occasion that Kelly isn’t with the boys, she loves hanging out with her friends, going to live sporting events, or shopping for a new pair of shoes! She also loves to be in the yard of her childhood home, the home she lived in when her MTV life began, and the home she was lucky enough to purchase a few years ago.

Kelly’s calm demeanor and willingness to listen means she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Growing up, Kelly’s mom would always remind her and her siblings, that you should always leave things a little better than you found them, it is something that sticks with her and she is instilling in her children.

If Kelly could change one thing about the world, she would love for everyone to understand that oneness doesn’t have to equal sameness, and to appreciate our shared humanity in spite of our differences. Wise words for all.

Bob Marggraf

Bob has more than 20 years of senior level executive responsibility as CEO and COO of a number of companies from start up organizations to international companies with annual revenues in excess of $200 Million. Over his career Bob has raised venture capital in excess $170 Million for a number of startup companies, led several M&A transactions and as an investment banker with the McLean Group he advised and facilitated merger and acquisition work for a number of clients. He has also done a number of turnarounds and restructuring in a variety of industries including stabilizing a large not for profit involving more than 25 international organizations.

At mtv Solar Bob supports the team in the development of larger commercial accounts, financing, capital formation , organization development and creation of new service offerings. He began working with mtv approximately 10 years ago when the company was first formed and has enjoyed seeing the organization mature into a leader in the solar industry.

Danny Chiotos

Danny joined the MTV Solar team in the Summer of 2018 and has been an asset to both the Sales Team, and office staff.  Danny is always providing good tools for all of us in the energy independence field.

He is a NABCEP Associate Certified Solar PV Consultant, and the BPI Building Analyst Certified Energy Efficiency Program Director.  That might all look like Greek to many, but what it means is that he knows the industry inside and out! In addition to being one of our consultants, he writes grants and proposals as well as coordinating the Community Give Back Program. Please read more on that while you’re on the website!

Danny currently resides in Charles Town, West Virginia!  He grew up in Falls Church, but after attending Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, he fell in love with the area and decided to make West Virginia his home! Danny puts his life into providing for his family, and in creating a more equal, just, and sustainable society.  He wants to make sure that as our economy shifts to renewable energy that Appalachia benefits from that transition and that this transition has broad benefits.  His time at Mountain View Solar provides the opportunity to expand the benefits of solar energy, and to prioritize projects within Appalachia.  Danny is a go-getter for sure!

Danny is married and has 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, and a flock of chickens.  He is currently trying to teach the chickens how to sit and stay!  We hope that works out for him! Of course if it does, he may have a new profession as a chicken whisperer and Animal Planet may grab him up. Perhaps we should hope it doesn’t work! Danny is always working, even when he’s not! If a client or coworker needs anything Danny will respond as soon as he can. If you don’t get a response from Danny, he’s either in an area with no reception, or we should call 911 to make sure he’s alive! He does it all for his family, as they are the most important thing in his life. When he gets a chance to watch TV he likes Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Black mirror, depressing movies his wife doesn’t watch!

Fun fact is that Danny can name the Presidents in order, and even the Generals at the Battle at Gettysburg!

When Danny was asked if there was one thing he could change in the world he responded with this: “This seems like a monkey’s paw kinda question where you change something good but it causes a lot of terrible things”

Hannah Ehlman

Hannah joined the MtV solar team in April 2021 driven by her interest in sustainability, and passion for community. She plans to dive deep into solar education via Solar Energy International as well as NABCEP training courses in preparation for certification.

Hannah is quick on her toes, and eager to help you help yourself by installing solar! When she isn’t working in the office, she loves to spend time with her two dogs. Hiking in the mountains makes her soul happy. When the warm weather hits, you can find Hannah in the woods backpacking. She also has an education in Fine Arts from Frostburg State University allowing a fresh and creative perspective on PV design.

Lydian Miles-Monaghan

Lydian has been with mtvSolar since 2014. When she started she helped with the First Energy towers, ensuring that the FAA beacon lights stayed on. When Mike discovered her vast knowledge of batteries and electricity, he quickly made Lydian our Energy Systems Specialist. She is also in charge of our marketing, and spends quite some time making mtvSolar a visible online entity.

Lydian came to mtvSolar due to a passion for the environment and was easily able to combine that passion with her love of electricity.

Lydian is married to MaryKate and they live in their net-zero solar powered home in Hagerstown, MD.

When she isn’t working you can find her playing with retro computers from the 80s and 90s. She also loves spinning vinyl records, both classic and new. When she just wants to sit back and relax, you can find her watching documentaries on the Discovery Channel.

One of Lydian’s favorite quotes is “Experience is the one thing you get, right after you need it” How very true! Here at mtvSolar our crew is experienced, and that helps every customer we have.

John Christensen

John worked as a Merchant Marine for 30 years, but knowing he was too young, and full of energy to retire, he began another career as a lobbyist on behalf of the environment and people’s health through enviro- protection measures.

His goal as a lobbyist in 2008 was to get introduced a bill that gives WV residents a $2000 tax credit to install solar energy systems on their property. In 2009 that goal became reality as we passed on the final night of the session our bill just before the stroke of midnight. Although the credit is no longer available, it certainly helped a lot of West Virginians get Solar early on when the cost was a bit higher than it is now! Shortly after the bill passed John asked Mike for a job and he said YES on the spot without an interview or resume’, thus his life with MTVSolar began. John continuously fights for solar and other renewable energies for the state.

When he first joined MTV he wanted to get back to doing some “hands on “ work, as he had done for years on the ship. Before long Mike put John on a crew installing solar hot water systems in existing homes to help them lower their electric usage. Two years after that, John found himself on rooftops helping install full solar arrays. John was wonderful on the crew, but as happens with all of us if we’re lucky, he soon realized that steep roof planes, and full adulthood wasn’t the best mix, so John opted to get off the roof and spend more time as a lobbyist. In this role John has gone to numerous meetings in Charleston, always representing Solar and MTV in a wonderful light, and helping the powers that be, understand the wisdom and importance of renewable energy for all.

John, who incidentally is the uncle of Mike Studholme, one of our Energy Consultants, lives on a 5 acre Farmette, just outside of Hedgesville, WV. He shares his farm with his handsome yet mischievous cat Willie!  He enjoys his gardening area, and plans on adding a greenhouse into the mix so he can grow vegetables in an extended season.

He still has one of the original Nissan Leaf sedans! His home and transportation needs are mostly covered by the 9.4kW solar system on his roof.

Kerry Allden-Collins

In 2019 MTVSolar was fortunate enough to have Kerry join the family. She had known Mike McKechnie for many years, and knew that what he was doing with the company was something she could get behind, as she believes in our mission 100%. She loves the fact that this is a family-oriented company and truly appreciates working with such dedicated and committed team. Near and dear to her heart are the solar give-back programs that Mountain View Solar facilitate to benefit our local communities.

When Kerry isn’t working, you can find her with her three young children, who are her world!  Together, they are always planning their next adventure and are often hiking and camping out in a tent in the middle of nowhere.  Kerry loves the outdoors and enjoys it more with them!

On the rare occasion that Kerry has time to herself, she loves to read or listen to books, watch SciFi movies, or continue to teach herself to play the guitar!

Kerry was born and raised in London, England, where she met her late husband, a US Army Vet. She has traveled all over the world and throughout North America, settling in Virginia to raise her children.

Kerry is resilience personified, and can always manage to find the silver lining.  She prides herself on rising to any challenge, and has proven herself more than capable. Kerry has a way of turning everyone’s bad day into a smile!

Kiki McKechnie

Kiki started working for MTV Solar almost six years ago. Her last name may be McKechnie, but she interviewed for the job, just like anyone else. The fact that she only brought up mom twice has nothing to do with why she’s here.

Kiki is one of two project coordinators and is involved in the jobs from pre-contract through final walk through.

She came to MTV after working for a huge corporation for years, and feeling worse and worse about the environmental impact she was, or wasn’t, having on the earth. She hails from Maryland, but spent six years in Europe, 25 years in Virginia then landed in West Virginia a few years ago.

Kiki lives in a straw bale house with a 6.36kW solar system, that eliminates the power bill 9 months out of the year. She resides there with her boyfriend Dave, two cats, a dog, seven chickens and three goats! Being outside with the animals makes her smile.

When she’s not diligently working to help customers she likes to hike, garden, do yoga and binge watch ridiculous tv shows. She also loves to take photographs, mainly of her animals and the great outdoors.

She thinks she’s hilarious, but often is the only one laughing at her jokes. She doesn’t mind though, because often people begin to laugh, and whether it’s with her or at her, she’s glad you’re smiling.

Shane LaBrush

Shane joined our Mountain View Solar Team two years ago as a Solar Consultant. He brings much experience to the MTV sales team.

He had worked for another solar company, but ultimately Shane wanted to join our team after meeting Mike, the owner, and some of the other team members, he had never met so many people in this industry that had such vast experience and knowledge about PV Solar, battery backup, and energy management. He also truly appreciates Mike’s enthusiasm and vision, as well as his commitment to helping the community through give back programs, helping to find a new path for the West Virginia energy. Couple that with Shane’s love of the mountains and rivers as well as the people of West Virginia, and Mountain View Solar is a perfect fit.

Shane has two beautiful little girls that keep he and his wife Katie very busy. They also have one dog, a scruffy little fella named George!

When he isn’t working you can find Shane on the river, either whitewater rafting, canoeing or kayaking, skills he is passing onto his children. He also likes hiking, climbing, and fishing. Shane always has his girls enjoying the outdoors and trying new things. He also teaches Middle and High Schoolers about water quality issues, a truly important thing for kids to learn! He is a team building facilitator, working with business professionals and with struggling veterans in a nature setting.

Shane also coaches his daughter in sports, as well as teaching scouts. Not only is he an ACA Kayak instructor but a snowboarder as well! I definitely can say Shane loves the outdoors.

Shane currently lives in Pleasant Valley, Maryland but is originally from Sabillasvile Maryland, where he grew up as a child.

You may hear Shane say, “Do your part, that’s all you can do to make the word better, but that’s a lot!”. It is one of his favorite quotes, and it’s a good one.

Shane doesn’t have much free time, but when he does, he enjoys educational documentaries pertaining to the wild outdoors. I can’t say we’re surprised.

He is able to play multiple instruments, a skill he calls weird, but we in the office call awesome! We are lucky to have him as part of the team.

Mike Studholme

Mike began his MTV Solar career in 2012 after moving to the area from Northern Virginia. He studied Alternative Energies at Hagerstown Community College and was brought on as an intern.

He knows the solar industry from every angle. Mike started in the office learning the permitting and interconnection process and helping with preliminary designs. He moved into monitoring systems, and then became the foreman on the First Energy project, making sure the beacon lights on all the tall towers stayed on. He finally landed his dream job as a Consultant for both residential and commercial clients.

Mike passed his NABCEP Installers exam on his first try earning him certificate # PV-041214-004306. NABCEP Company Accreditation is the highest recognition of quality assurance for solar installation companies.

Mike lives in Ranson WV now, with his beautiful wife and very soon, his adorable baby girl! The two dogs they rescued from war torn countries round out their family, and his adoration for all of them is evident when he talks about them.  Mike will be an incredible dad!  He is always willing to help his coworkers in any way!

Mike spends a great deal of time working, but when he does have time to do what he pleases, you will find him fishing, running, hiking or just being outdoors with his family. He also likes to play both video and board games; as of right now he is the reigning Domino’s Champion of the house.

Although he doesn’t know who to attribute the quote to, one of his favorites is: “Give people a break, I’m sure you’ve needed one before”. What a wonderful sentiment for everyone to remember.

Mike is making the world a better place by educating people he meets about the wonderful environmental benefits of solar. Now if he could eliminate greed from the world, he’d be a happy camper.

Danielle Fazenbaker

Danielle joined the mtvSolar family in March 2021 as one of two Project Coordinators. She is a Construction Supervisor in the Army Reserve with history in account management, so she brings a unique mix of experience which helped her settle into her role quickly. She heard about this position from her boyfriend, Matt Hovermale, who also happens to be our Media Specialist! Danielle knew immediately that this company would be a perfect fit for her, both as a professional and as a member of a close-knit team.

Danielle moved to Berkeley Springs from the Deep Creek Lake, Maryland area in 2015, and immediately fell in love with the community. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Duke and cats, Patton and MacArthur, hitting the BMX and mountain bike trails with Matt, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Fun fact about Danielle! She is also a calligrapher, and will earn her degree in Nutrition Science in August of 2021.

MaryKate Monaghan-Miles

MaryKate joined the MTV family 2 years ago as an Administrative Assistant and her attention to detail and knowledge of business make her a wonderful asset. MaryKate is married to Lydian, MTV’s Energy Systems Specialist!

She is one of our Baltimore transplants and came to Washington County, MD ten years ago.  She and Lydian reside in their solar powered home in Hagerstown.

When she’s not working MaryKate likes to watch movies or Grey’s Anotomy, and Weather permitting she can be found sitting around a fire pit with friends. Enjoying both their company, and the outdoors.

When asked what she would change about the world if she could, MaryKate would love for everyone to have a full belly and a bed to sleep in.

Ryan Slack

Ryan has been interested in renewable energy for quite some time, so starting with MTVSolar in October of 2011 was a perfect fit.

He is now not only our Master Electrician, but also a NABCEP certified installer, two extremely difficult certifications to get. We are lucky to have him.

Ryan doesn’t sit still for long, and is known for skipping lunch in order to complete a job. He is focused and thoughtful in his work. He will quickly respond to customer questions and has a vast knowledge of all things electrical, including the battery back up systems we install.

Ryan has lived in Berkeley Springs since he was 2 years old, and rightfully calls it home!

When he has time off, he loves spending it with his beautiful wife Halie and their two dogs, Clutch and Huck. If extended family is involved, and that time can be spent outside, Ryan will be seen with a smile on his face.

If the weather won’t cooperate, you can find him at home binge watching American Horror Story.

He and Halie plan on adding a little human or two to the family within the next couple of years. They will be lucky children!

Ryan gets along with almost everyone, one of his favorite quotes being: “Never judge a man before walking in his shoes”

When asked what he wants to accomplish in the next few years, his answer was simple and direct: to help improve MTVSolar in any possible way. He’d also like to see an end to animal cruelty, but all the good people do!

Sarah Joy

Sarah joined the MTV Family in September 2019 as our Project Manager. After graduating college she held a few jobs in a number of different fields, from being a corrections officer, a lab tech and an assistant project manager in the wireless telecom industry to finding her new Family here at MTV.

She knew it would be a good fit after her first interview and felt good in knowing she could help both the company, and the world as a whole by joining the alternative energy field, something she knew next to nothing about, but has dived in and learned quite a bit over the past few months. Sarah is the main point of contact at the office and gets to know so very many of our wonderful clients.

Sarah grew up in New Jersey, so one might think of her a a “Joisey Girl”, but she lived surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodlands which instilled her love of the outdoors. Since college she has lived in Virginia, and Maryland, but she and her Husband Scott, wanted some land of their own and found it in beautiful West Virginia.

Sarah and Scott are converting a barn into their home, so most of her spare time is spent on numerous DIY projects. When they do take a break from that, you can find Sarah outside, either gardening or playing with their two dogs, Daisy and Cookie. In the evenings, or if the weather doesn’t allow for outside time, Sarah enjoys watching “This Is Us”, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”, or more likely, a movie, as she’s a huge movie buff and has a collection of over 200 films!

In the next few years Sarah would like to have her home completed, and be able to spend some time exploring the world with Scott, learning a new language and perhaps learning how to paint!

Stacy Slovinsky

When Stacy joined the MTV family four years ago, she brought with her a wonderfully friendly energy to accompany her brilliant smile. Stacy is one of two Project Coordinators. She submits most of the building, electrical and net metering applications. It may not sound like much, but since MTVSolar permits in four states and numerous counties, each with their own process, Stacy is an essential part of the operation, from the beginning to the end. She has relationships with permitting offices, utility companies and inspectors from our entire installation area, and we are lucky to have her.

Stacy heard about the opening from Kelly Waugh,​ MTV’s VP, ​ and since the hours she would be needed worked out perfectly for her schedule she came for the interview.  Within minutes, we knew she was a perfect fit.

Stacy grew up in Baltimore, but in 2000 her husband was transferred to Fed Ex in Hagerstown. That led to them buying their house in beautiful West-By-Gosh- Virginia.

At home Stacy lives with her husband Mike, their three children, Mathew, Evan and Ava, a mini lop bunny, appropriately named Nibbles, and a sweet Cavachon pup named Brinkley. If it were completely up to Stacy, there would be another dog or two, and perhaps a cat in the mix too.

Her children are her life, and as any parent of three children knows, she spends most of her time running the kids to and from sporting events and dance classes, She wouldn’t have it any other way, and enjoys every moment spent with them.

Stacy is also a phenomenal DIY-er, and has many projects to prove it, all of them turn out perfectly! When she’s not working on crafts, she likes to paint, and maybe hop over to TJ MAXX to pick up a few things. It works, as her sense of style is second to none!

After a long day of working​,​ running the kids around and taking Brinkley for a good walk, Stacy enjoys snuggling on the sofa with her pup while watching Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy and sometimes Criminal Minds.

Stacy believes that you should Smile always, as the warmth of a smile goes a long way. She is so very right, especially with her magnificent smile.

Stacy plans on continuing to grow with her second family, “MTVSolar”, as she loves the people and the company and what it is doing for the future of the world

When asked if she could change one thing in the world, her response was one that truly shows the beauty within:  “That everyone could see the good in each other despite any political preference.  There are wonderful people in the world and we live in the UNITED States!  I would love for everyone to be United together for the good of the world!”

Brandon Widdows

When Brandon graduated from high school in 2015, like so many of us, he had no idea what he wanted to do. He did know that he needed some sort of job though.

At his grandmothers urging he applied to be an installer here at Mountain View Solar.

It wasn’t long before he realized that a career in the renewable energy field not only helped the individuals getting it, but also the environment. When he understood that, he also knew he was where he wanted to be.

Brandon learned everything he could about both the mechanical and electrical side of the installs, and soon became a crew lead.

Ryan, our master electrician, knew that Brandon has what it takes to really learn the full electrical side of things and started pulling him aside, teaching him the finer points of that side of the installation. He quickly earned his Journeyman license and puts his talents to work daily.

One of Brandon’s favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Brandon is continuing to learn every day.

Although Brandon was born in Maryland, his family moved to West Virginia when he was in middle school. Brandon now lives in Berkeley Springs with his gorgeous fiancé Becky, their adorable young daughter Laurel and the family cats, Blaze and Binx.

When Brandon isn’t working he loves to be outside hiking or fishing with his family. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you might find him inside snuggling on the couch with Becky and watching Bob’s Burgers.

Brandon’s love for his family is evident in everything that he does. If he could change the world, in just one way he would put an end to the senseless abuse of children and animals

I believe that all MTV employees would agree that it would be wonderful if we could clone Brandon, as he is one of the hardest working young men you will ever be lucky enough to meet.

Brenda Rippeon

MTVSolar hit the jackpot when Brenda joined the team almost two years ago. We desperately needed a shop Manager, and Brenda fit the role perfectly.

Not only does she make sure the crew has coffee and fresh baked muffins in the morning and water for the job site, she also keeps inventory of the many, many pieces of hardware we use, takes deliveries, cleans the shop, and helps make sure every job has what it needs. If the crew finds they need something unexpected, Brenda will bring it to them with a smile on her face.

Brenda came to Berkeley Springs from Cumberland Maryland 15 years ago. She lives here with her husband Wade and their two dogs and six cats.  Brenda also is the Grandmother to Brandon Widdows, who is an electrical journeyman for MTV Solar. His grandmother Brenda has instilled such a great work ethic in him!  She loves her family, riding her motorcycle, and helping sick children and their families. She is continually gathering food, clothes and special little gifts to give to those in need. When she isn’t out riding, or helping others, she likes to put her feet up and watch Dennis the Menace or Blondie and Dagwood. When she was younger she was very good at jumping rope backwards, and I’m sure we will see her great-granddaughter doing that in a few years!

She would love a world where all children, the elderly and animals were safe from harm, and she absolutely does her part to make that happen.

Trevor Jamison

Like many of our employees Trevor came to work here because he wanted to make an improvement in the world. He studied electricity and could have gone a number of different routes, but ultimately new this was the place he wanted to be.

Working along side Ryan, our master electrician, for the past 4.5 years, Trevor has learned a great deal about solar and is now the lead electrician on a good deal of our residential installs.

Trevor loves to work on cars and trucks in his spare time, and can often be found in his garage, doing just that. He also loves to go to car shows, go fishing and kayaking.

Trevor will also happily sit down and have a long discussion about any manor of things, he will listen and contribute, always willing to learn and impart knowledge.
That may sound a little “deep” but he also thoroughly enjoys a good binging of The Munsters, or laughing hysterically with friends over seemingly benign statements, or the fact that he can roll his eyes into the back of his head!

Trevor is continually studying and looks forward to becoming a Master Electrician, not at all an easy feat, but one we are sure he will achieve.

Trevor would love to live in a world where peace reigned supreme, I think we can all agree that living in such a world would be wonderful. With gentle souls like Trevor in this world, we are already on the way to a better place.

Henry Gill-Newton

Henry began his journey with MTV solar almost 2 years ago and quickly became a crew lead due to his earnest want for learning the industry, and his intelligent and kind demeanor.

Henry was born and raised in Berkeley Springs and lives here with his girlfriend and their cat.

Being raised in Wild Wonderful West Virginia, he has a true understanding of the importance of helping the environment in any way possible. He believes Solar Energy is the future and wants to be a part of it.

Henry instituted and is in charge of the companies recycling program, and we are ever so thankful!

Henry is one of our most politically active employees and when he’s not working, or playing video games, he keeps himself up to date on politics, policies and worldly affairs.

There are many hunters in West Virginia, but few can claim to be expert Snipe Hunters. Yet Henry is! If you ever feel compelled to go on a Snipe Hunt, Henry is your ‘go to’ guy.

Within the next few years Henry would love to get both his Journeyman License and NABCEP certification. We have no doubts that Henry will accomplish both of these rather quickly.

Then he can begin his campaign to end poverty, something that affects a huge portion of the population.

Rob Thompson

Rob started his career with Mountain View Solar six years ago. Having a passion to learn about the solar industry, and wanting to do something in the fight to combat climate change, he knew this would be the best place to work.

Although Rob was born in Baltimore he has been in Berkeley Springs for quite some time and calls it home. He met his partner Amy in high school and together they have three incredibly gorgeous, smart and athletic teenage children; Jared 19, Peyton 18, and Jayda 13. They all share their house with their active 2 year old Husky Apollo.

Anyone with children may be able to guess where Rob can be found when he’s not hard at work. He spends a great deal of time at football games, wrestling matches Softball, basketball and volleyball games! That is a full schedule for all of them! He lives for his children and is a super proud dad!

Having had experience with construction equipment, Rob soon found himself the designated driver/trainer for the big equipment we use for Ground Mounted Systems. He has an eye for detail and helps make all of our ground mounted systems look unbelievably beautiful.

He is always willing to help in any way that he can, and there is no doubt that if he ever came back to the shop shirtless, it would be because he literally gave someone in need the shirt off his back.

Rob has been through a lot in his life and often thinks of his favorite quote, from the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali: He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life

When he’s not at the kids sporting events, or walking the dog (husky’s have a LOT of energy!) you can find Rob watching anything Marvel related on TV, and most likely whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen.

Recently Rob has started learning more about the electrical side of the solar business, and is looking forward to getting his Journeyman license soon.

Rob would love to live in a world without poverty where all beings were treated equally.

Sam Hubbard

Sam joined the family a year ago, and filled the Service Manager position, one we truly needed to have filled.

He came to us from another solar company, but after his brother in law Shane (one of our consultants) spoke so highly of us, Sam knew he had to at least check us out. He found that he liked our business model and practices more than his previous employer, and we brought him on board. We like to think he likes the people better too, but he’s such a nice guy he would never actually say that!

Although Sam has lived in Virginia, Colorado and Maryland, he and his wife now call Charles Town, WV their home.

They live there with their cat and will soon be adding a son to the mix!

While Sam loves to be outdoors, either white water rafting or kayaking in the warmer months (he’s even a class V raft guide. if you’ve ever seen a class V river, you know that takes some skill) or snowboarding in the colder months, lately he has been spending his free time preparing for his sons arrival. Luckily, he can sometimes do that while binge watching The Office or Family Guy!

Sam has a quote that he loves, and we believe it keeps him young at heart: “ You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever”. How very true that is, luckily when it comes to important things, he is very mature, he just knows how to have fun when the time is right!

Same hopes to get his NABCEP certification within the next few years. No one here at MTVSolar thinks that’s going to be a problem. He truly knows the industry inside and out.