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See how Mountain View Solar can help your non-profit this year.

We take pride in providing solar photovoltaic generation systems to the non-profit organizations doing good in our community.

The solar arrays that our team design and install at non-profits generate cost-savings for decades so each organization can put its resources into living out its mission.  We offer multiple approaches to match each non-profit organization’s size and budget from the traditional purchase of a solar system to providing a power purchase agreement for zero dollars down system to enrolling a small non-profit organization in our Community Give Back Program for a community-supported solar system.

Our approach to a traditional non-profit project is very much the same as our approach to every commercial-scale project to customize each system to your need and to prioritize quality.  Our team of design experts break down your electric bills to show your savings potential with solar and size battery systems to your usage for resiliency.  If grant funding, major donor engagement, or grassroots fundraising is your strategy then our team supplies everything you need to secure funding for a solar array to generate your own electricity.

Our team can also connect your non-profit organization with a third party-owned system using a power purchase agreement (PPA) so you can receive the benefit of electricity savings by buying your electricity from a solar PV system on your own roof.  Through this approach, if your location and usage patterns match the needs for an effective PPA, your organization would pay less for electricity from on-site solar than your organization is paying the electric utility.  We are ready to connect to discuss the potential of a PPA for your non-profit.

In addition, our team can also determine if your location is a good fit to use the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing tool.  In this option, your solar PV project can be financed with no upfront costs with a loan paid off through your property taxes. 

We are also committed to donating solar arrays to small and medium sized non-profit organizations in our region through our Community Give Back Program.  Every time a homeowner or business owner goes solar with us, we donate at least one solar panel to the participating non-profit of their choice.  Explore this Program here.


Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Mountain View Solar offers the complete and professional design of every commercial solar array.  Our team works with you to identify the best location for your solar panels, whether they be installed on a flat EPDM roof, on a pitched metal roof, or on any open ground space you may have.  We design your system to maximize your benefits from your investment in solar generation and to match your aesthetic preferences.  Once installed, your solar panels will generate clean electricity that, first, powers your business with excess generation exported to your electric utility.  In both cases, your solar generation offsets your usage and saves on your electric bill.

See more of how solar works here.

See images of installations our team has completed in our region.

Demand Charge Management Strategies

Our solar experts go beyond simply offsetting the energy charges on your bill with solar generation and we dive into your demand charges to identify the best mitigation strategies.  Your commercial electric bill may include a charge for the peak 15-minutes of usage each billing period, which is the time of maximum draw from the electric grid.  As one peak determines the charge for the entire billing period, this can be a difficult section of your bill to control and solar generation alone is an unreliable fix to this section of your bill.

Our professionals are here to dissect your electric bills, identify how much you are paying in demand charges, measure your heaviest users’ actual demand, and recommend the best strategies to reduce your demand charges.

See more of what demand charges are and what can be done about this here.

Fundraising Support Services

Our team offers in-house writing and fundraising support for any fundraising and/or grant writing opportunities for the installation of solar panels on your building.  We will discuss your project’s fundraising and grant writing plan during the discovery and proposal process.