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Mountain View Solar focuses on a friendly, local, and professional process to ensure a customized approach to your home or business’s energy solutions.

We are driven by our employees, from expert system designers to licensed electricians to experienced permitting officers, to offer a strong customer experience at every step of the way.  Our in-house licensed electricians, both master and journeymen, as well as our experienced installation crew leaders perform our installations to ensure the quality and safety of every project. 

Since our founding in 1995 as Mountain View Builders, constructing custom green homes in the Berkeley Springs, WV area, we have had an employee and family-oriented focus to best serve our customers.  In our previous existence, we built energy efficient homes from start to finish, overseeing all aspects of the building process.  Our team was even an annual participant in the national Solar Decathalon competition (before we became Mountain View Solar) where we built what later locally became known as “The Solar House” (read more here, it’s a fascinating project).  In 2009, after seeing the potential of solar and battery projects to save people money, back up critical loads, and generate clean electricity, we officially transitioned to become Mountain View Solar and haven’t looked back.

When we started down this road, solar was a rare occurrence typically only installed by early adopters and cutting-edge businesses.  Solar was expensive and it took a deliberate strategy of public engagement through open house and speaking events to spread interest in solar.  Over time, the public has become more educated on clean energy, solar and battery technology has improved, and the costs of going solar have plummeted.  As we have grown since our transition from a green home builder to a solar installer, we have kept a focus on the employees who are the foundation of our company (with key leaders being with us since the Mountain View Builder days), read more of our employees’ stories here.

Where We Are Now

In 2012 we outgrew our original headquarters and moved to a larger headquarters in Berkeley Springs, WV with office, garage, and warehouse space (with LOTS of solar power) with satellite offices in Winchester, VA.  Our employee team of more than thirty professionals drives our company with long-standing employees in sales & design, permitting & interconnection, electrical & installation, and more.  We are ready to connect with homeowners, business-owners, non-profit leaders, school officials, federal project officers, and more to provide a customized, friendly, and professional approach to your solar project.