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See how Mountain View Solar can help you start on your solar journey this year.

Mountain View Solar enables you to generate your own solar energy and, where desired, backup your home’s most important electricity users with batteries. We provide the friendliness and experience that you expect.

Since 2009, our family-oriented and established firm has provided safe, quality installations for customers in our community.  Our employees are the experienced and industry certified bedrock of our service; we do not outsource our residential work and we have a commitment to quality.  Mountain View Solar is your comprehensive energy partner with a friendly, professional, and customized approach to your home.

Our team works with you to identify the best financial course, including options to finance 100% of your system so you can sign a contract with $0 down and monthly payments starting after your array starts generating electricity.  Every system we install has the option to add a Pearl Certification which is an industry benchmark in showing the value you have added to your home to help your home appraise and sell for more.

Our professional team can help by sending you a free and customized home solar proposal that can include battery backup specific to your home that can offset up to 100% of your electricity usage.  Once we connect to provide your free solar proposal, our expert solar consultants explain your proposed system, discuss how it works, hear your preferences, and answer your questions. 


Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Mountain View Solar offers the complete and professional design of every solar array.  Our team works with you to identify the best location for your solar panels, whether they be installed on your roof or on the ground.  We design your system to maximize your benefits from your investment in solar generation and to match your aesthetic preferences.  Once installed, your solar panels will generate clean electricity that, first, powers your home with excess generation exported to your electric utility.  In both cases, your solar generation offsets your usage and saves on your electric bill.

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See images of installations our team has completed in our region.

Battery Systems

Mountain View Solar is our region’s leader in residential battery backup systems with more than ten years’ experience installing battery systems in every setting from fully off-grid cabins to homes in suburban communities.  Our team will identify the right battery system for you whether it be a Tesla Powerwall system or a DC-Coupled Schneider system.  Our team will gather voltage, amperage, and usage data for your home’s electricity users, so your battery system is correctly and custom sized for the performance you expect. 

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See images of battery installations our team has completed in our region.

Other Services

Mountain View Solar, previously Mountain View Builders, has been in business as a general contractor for more than 25-years.  We can oversee your entire project including:

  • working with a qualified roofing contractor on your roof replacement ahead of your solar installation
  • arranging an energy audit of your home to identify your best energy savings opportunities
  • adding consumption monitoring to your system so you can track your home’s electricity usage
  • adding an electric vehicle charging station so you can charge your vehicle at your home
  • more, we are here to be your partner and ensure your project’s success.

Project Steps

While every project is different and we always take customized approach, the typical steps of going solar can be understood as:

Step #1
You contact Mountain View Solar through calling our office (540-686-2052) or completing this solar proposal request form
Step #2
You are scheduled with our project qualification staff to ensure your home is a good fit for solar power and to answer your initial questions
Step #3
You are scheduled for a meeting with an in-house solar consultant to review your preliminary home solar proposal
Step #4
You and your solar consultant will adjust your proposal to include the best equipment designed to match your preferences and to match your best financial approach (including 100% financing options). This step will include a site visit with your solar consultant to ensure the system as designed is a good match for your home.
Step #5
You and your solar consultant zero in on the system you would like to move forward with and you sign a contract
Step #6
We ensure all information is present for your permitting and electric utility interconnection approval. We assist with your homeowners association approval if needed and we submit all permitting and interconnection applications
Step #7
We order all equipment and we schedule your installation
Step #8
Our in-house and experienced mechanical and electrical team will install your system
Step #9
Once installed, we schedule a third-party electrical inspection of your system to ensure it is safe to operate
Step #10
Once approved, we notify the utility and they visit your home to replace your electric meter
Step #11
Once you have a new bi-directional electric meter that can measure your home importing and exporting electricity, you can turn your system on and start generating solar power!
Step #12
Your solar consultant sends you all system documentation, warranties, and your Pearl Certification and conducts your system walk through to show how your equipment works and to answer your questions
Step #13
We are here to maintain your system, answer your questions, and be your long-term energy partner