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We tested out the new Smart Load controller for you

This week, we put the SolarEdge Smart Home load controller to the test! Our team trained with SolarEdge on site to install the controller in one of our own homes — letting us see how this new component can fit into residential settings and work with existing solar components. We liked what we saw!

Take control of your home energy like never before!

The SolarEdge Smart Load Controller is a game-changer. It gives homeowners an easy way to manage what gets power during an outage, and for how long. Here’s what else:

  • Maximize your solar self-consumption: Use more of the clean energy your panels produce, reducing your reliance on the grid and saving you money.
  • Extend your backup battery power: Prioritize essential appliances during outages, keeping your lights on and your family comfortable.
  • Schedule and control your heavy hitters: Run appliances like pool pumps, air conditioners, and electric vehicle chargers on your own terms, using smart scheduling and remote control. ‍
  • Track your energy in real-time: Monitor your solar production, consumption, and savings with the user-friendly mySolarEdge app.

Our field-tests of the controller, with company reps and our top electricians working side by side, gave us a real-life look at whether this new component is suitable for our customers. The answer — it is.

The SolarEdge Smart Load Controller is available NOW from mtvSolar! Want to know more? Let’s chat!  

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