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Beware of fast & free solar schemes

Adding a solar generation system to your home or business can feel like a big step, with a substantial price tag attached. There’s no way around the fact that solar panels and electrical work cost money. The return on investment is calculated in years, not months.

Unfortunately, there are many solar energy “offers” out there which can put unknowing customers in a bad situation — often by claiming to be able to give away free panels or systems. These misleading scenarios can involve solar leases – where the property owner never owns the system – or outright scams.

If you’re considering adding solar to your home or business, it’s worth the time to check out the details of these offers before signing any contract or letting someone alter your property in any way.

At mtvSolar, we hear from many people that they have been approached by someone wanting to sell or “give” them a solar system – often a ready-made setup that can’t be customized — if they’ll only sign the contract TODAY. This is a red flag for any transaction, and we’re glad to hear many customers say they walked away from those “offers.”

In our experience, most customers want to own their own solar equipment. That lets them be more energy independent, adds home value, qualifies them for tax credits and allows them to manage their own energy usage.

Even with a growing pot of grant money and tax credits out there to support renewable energy efforts, solar panels aren’t free up front. The panels cost money, connectors and electrical supplies cost money, and the skills of a well-trained crew and electrician cost money.

Our Solar PV Consultants are up front about this fact, and spend time running through the numbers with our customers to see how a system can be financed, and will reduce utility costs over the long run.  mtvSolar customers can be eligible for zero-down loans to finance a solar installation over 10-20 years, or a number of other incentives that can reduce the cost of a system. We know that solar is a good financial choice, because we’ve helped customers cut their power bills and even earn money back through solar credits, where available.

mtvSolar has been designing custom solar energy solutions for residential, agricultural and commercial customers since 2009. We’re not in a rush to sell you a ready-made solar system, because that’s not how we work. Each customer has their own energy goal, and each project is unique. We spend the time to educate customers about their options, to customize a system to their goals, and to install it properly so it functions as it should.

Take your time to learn more about solar. Visit our “Resource Center” section on to see Frequently Asked Questions and check out the gallery of our work. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you achieve your solar energy dreams.