Trevor Jamison

Like many of our employees Trevor came to work here because he wanted to make an improvement in the world. He studied electricity and could have gone a number of different routes, but ultimately new this was the place he wanted to be.

Working along side Ryan, our master electrician, for the past 4.5 years, Trevor has learned a great deal about solar and is now the lead electrician on a good deal of our residential installs.

Trevor loves to work on cars and trucks in his spare time, and can often be found in his garage, doing just that. He also loves to go to car shows, go fishing and kayaking.

Trevor will also happily sit down and have a long discussion about any manor of things, he will listen and contribute, always willing to learn and impart knowledge.
That may sound a little “deep” but he also thoroughly enjoys a good binging of The Munsters, or laughing hysterically with friends over seemingly benign statements, or the fact that he can roll his eyes into the back of his head!

Trevor is continually studying and looks forward to becoming a Master Electrician, not at all an easy feat, but one we are sure he will achieve.

Trevor would love to live in a world where peace reigned supreme, I think we can all agree that living in such a world would be wonderful. With gentle souls like Trevor in this world, we are already on the way to a better place.