Stacy Slovinsky

When Stacy joined the MTV family four years ago, she brought with her a wonderfully friendly energy to accompany her brilliant smile. Stacy is one of two Project Coordinators. She submits most of the building, electrical and net metering applications. It may not sound like much, but since MTVSolar permits in four states and numerous counties, each with their own process, Stacy is an essential part of the operation, from the beginning to the end. She has relationships with permitting offices, utility companies and inspectors from our entire installation area, and we are lucky to have her.

Stacy heard about the opening from Kelly Waugh,​ MTV’s VP, ​ and since the hours she would be needed worked out perfectly for her schedule she came for the interview.  Within minutes, we knew she was a perfect fit.

Stacy grew up in Baltimore, but in 2000 her husband was transferred to Fed Ex in Hagerstown. That led to them buying their house in beautiful West-By-Gosh- Virginia.

At home Stacy lives with her husband Mike, their three children, Mathew, Evan and Ava, a mini lop bunny, appropriately named Nibbles, and a sweet Cavachon pup named Brinkley. If it were completely up to Stacy, there would be another dog or two, and perhaps a cat in the mix too.

Her children are her life, and as any parent of three children knows, she spends most of her time running the kids to and from sporting events and dance classes, She wouldn’t have it any other way, and enjoys every moment spent with them.

Stacy is also a phenomenal DIY-er, and has many projects to prove it, all of them turn out perfectly! When she’s not working on crafts, she likes to paint, and maybe hop over to TJ MAXX to pick up a few things. It works, as her sense of style is second to none!

After a long day of working​,​ running the kids around and taking Brinkley for a good walk, Stacy enjoys snuggling on the sofa with her pup while watching Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy and sometimes Criminal Minds.

Stacy believes that you should Smile always, as the warmth of a smile goes a long way. She is so very right, especially with her magnificent smile.

Stacy plans on continuing to grow with her second family, “MTVSolar”, as she loves the people and the company and what it is doing for the future of the world

When asked if she could change one thing in the world, her response was one that truly shows the beauty within:  “That everyone could see the good in each other despite any political preference.  There are wonderful people in the world and we live in the UNITED States!  I would love for everyone to be United together for the good of the world!”