Sarah Joy

Sarah joined the MTV Family in September 2019 as our Project Manager. After graduating college she held a few jobs in a number of different fields, from being a corrections officer, a lab tech and an assistant project manager in the wireless telecom industry to finding her new Family here at MTV.

She knew it would be a good fit after her first interview and felt good in knowing she could help both the company, and the world as a whole by joining the alternative energy field, something she knew next to nothing about, but has dived in and learned quite a bit over the past few months. Sarah is the main point of contact at the office and gets to know so very many of our wonderful clients.

Sarah grew up in New Jersey, so one might think of her a a “Joisey Girl”, but she lived surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodlands which instilled her love of the outdoors. Since college she has lived in Virginia, and Maryland, but she and her Husband Scott, wanted some land of their own and found it in beautiful West Virginia.

Sarah and Scott are converting a barn into their home, so most of her spare time is spent on numerous DIY projects. When they do take a break from that, you can find Sarah outside, either gardening or playing with their two dogs, Daisy and Cookie. In the evenings, or if the weather doesn’t allow for outside time, Sarah enjoys watching “This Is Us”, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”, or more likely, a movie, as she’s a huge movie buff and has a collection of over 200 films!

In the next few years Sarah would like to have her home completed, and be able to spend some time exploring the world with Scott, learning a new language and perhaps learning how to paint!