Sam Hubbard

Sam joined the family a year ago, and filled the Service Manager position, one we truly needed to have filled.

He came to us from another solar company, but after his brother in law Shane (one of our consultants) spoke so highly of us, Sam knew he had to at least check us out. He found that he liked our business model and practices more than his previous employer, and we brought him on board. We like to think he likes the people better too, but he’s such a nice guy he would never actually say that!

Although Sam has lived in Virginia, Colorado and Maryland, he and his wife now call Charles Town, WV their home.

They live there with their cat and will soon be adding a son to the mix!

While Sam loves to be outdoors, either white water rafting or kayaking in the warmer months (he’s even a class V raft guide. if you’ve ever seen a class V river, you know that takes some skill) or snowboarding in the colder months, lately he has been spending his free time preparing for his sons arrival. Luckily, he can sometimes do that while binge watching The Office or Family Guy!

Sam has a quote that he loves, and we believe it keeps him young at heart: “ You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever”. How very true that is, luckily when it comes to important things, he is very mature, he just knows how to have fun when the time is right!

Same hopes to get his NABCEP certification within the next few years. No one here at MTVSolar thinks that’s going to be a problem. He truly knows the industry inside and out.