Ryan Slack

Ryan has been interested in renewable energy for quite some time, so starting with MTVSolar in October of 2011 was a perfect fit.

He is now not only our Master Electrician, but also a NABCEP certified installer, two extremely difficult certifications to get. We are lucky to have him.

Ryan doesn’t sit still for long, and is known for skipping lunch in order to complete a job. He is focused and thoughtful in his work. He will quickly respond to customer questions and has a vast knowledge of all things electrical, including the battery back up systems we install.

Ryan has lived in Berkeley Springs since he was 2 years old, and rightfully calls it home!

When he has time off, he loves spending it with his beautiful wife Halie and their two dogs, Clutch and Huck. If extended family is involved, and that time can be spent outside, Ryan will be seen with a smile on his face.

If the weather won’t cooperate, you can find him at home binge watching American Horror Story.

He and Halie plan on adding a little human or two to the family within the next couple of years. They will be lucky children!

Ryan gets along with almost everyone, one of his favorite quotes being: “Never judge a man before walking in his shoes”

When asked what he wants to accomplish in the next few years, his answer was simple and direct: to help improve MTVSolar in any possible way. He’d also like to see an end to animal cruelty, but all the good people do!