Michael Colyer

Michael joined the MTV Family 8 years ago. He has spent time on the mechanical crew, installing solar, on the operations side organizing installs and deliveries etc, and on our First Energy program working on the  FAA Beacon Lights.

Michael loves to spend time outside by the river, either alone or with friends. He loves his pets and has rescued a number of animals.

He can also recite many lines from “The Office” and keeps his coworkers in the office laughing.

Although he lives in West Virginia now, he originally came from Alaska, and his knowledge of the outdoors and living with nature is evident in all that he does.

Michael is always there for you to talk to if you need an ear, and that is an aspect of his personality that the crew and office staff make use of.

You may actually recognize Michael, if you like live music, as his band; “The Tonehounds”, plays a number of local venues, always to rave reviews. He is a multi talented musician as well as an all around great guy.

Michael, like many of us, is on an eternal quest for Peace of Mind, and in an ideal world he wouldn’t be distracted (and frustrated) with the technology of the day. Michael is a kind and gentle soul!