Kelly Waugh

When Kelly was a junior in high school she was recruited by Mike to work at Mountain View Builders.  She lived within walking distance of the office, so it was perfect. That was nineteen years ago, and Kelly went from answering phones and helping with paperwork, to becoming the Vice President and Controller of Mountain View Solar. She continues to play an integral part in making Mountain View Solar the success that it is.

Kelly started nursing school, but realized that with MTVSolar she was in a unique position to have a positive impact in the world.

The time spent at nursing school has come in handy, not only with the crew and office staff, but because Kelly has two happy and active boys at home, Parker (14)and Calder (5), they are her life.

When Kelly isn’t working she is most likely spending time with her boys, she goes from building Legos or defending the castle from imaginary creatures with Calder, to either playing basketball with Parker or driving him to any number of basketball related outings. She and the boys love to be out in the yard, where they are making a comfy home for a visiting rabbit, hoping to convince him to stay around.

Seeing her boys smile is the highlight of any day, although occasionally Calder will give her the cute, dimpled, “I’ve done something ornery” smile, which usually means trouble, unfortunately, it’s still super cute!

On the rare occasion that Kelly isn’t with the boys, she loves hanging out with her friends, going to live sporting events, or shopping for a new pair of shoes! She also loves to be in the yard of her childhood home, the home she lived in when her MTV life began, and the home she was lucky enough to purchase a few years ago.

Kelly’s calm demeanor and willingness to listen means she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Growing up, Kelly’s mom would always remind her and her siblings, that you should always leave things a little better than you found them, it is something that sticks with her and she is instilling in her children.

If Kelly could change one thing about the world, she would love for everyone to understand that oneness doesn’t have to equal sameness, and to appreciate our shared humanity in spite of our differences. Wise words for all.