Kiki McKechnie

Kiki started working for MTV Solar almost six years ago. Her last name may be McKechnie, but she interviewed for the job, just like anyone else. The fact that she only brought up mom twice has nothing to do with why she’s here.

Kiki is one of two project coordinators and is involved in the jobs from pre-contract through final walk through.

She came to MTV after working for a huge corporation for years, and feeling worse and worse about the environmental impact she was, or wasn’t, having on the earth. She hails from Maryland, but spent six years in Europe, 25 years in Virginia then landed in West Virginia a few years ago.

Kiki lives in a straw bale house with a 6.36kW solar system, that eliminates the power bill 9 months out of the year. She resides there with her boyfriend Dave, two cats, a dog, seven chickens and three goats! Being outside with the animals makes her smile.

When she’s not diligently working to help customers she likes to hike, garden, do yoga and binge watch ridiculous tv shows. She also loves to take photographs, mainly of her animals and the great outdoors.

She thinks she’s hilarious, but often is the only one laughing at her jokes. She doesn’t mind though, because often people begin to laugh, and whether it’s with her or at her, she’s glad you’re smiling.