John Christensen

John worked as a Merchant Marine for 30 years, but knowing he was too young, and full of energy to retire, he began another career as a lobbyist on behalf of the environment and people’s health through enviro- protection measures.

His goal as a lobbyist in 2008 was to get introduced a bill that gives WV residents a $2000 tax credit to install solar energy systems on their property. In 2009 that goal became reality as we passed on the final night of the session our bill just before the stroke of midnight. Although the credit is no longer available, it certainly helped a lot of West Virginians get Solar early on when the cost was a bit higher than it is now! Shortly after the bill passed John asked Mike for a job and he said YES on the spot without an interview or resume’, thus his life with MTVSolar began. John continuously fights for solar and other renewable energies for the state.

When he first joined MTV he wanted to get back to doing some “hands on “ work, as he had done for years on the ship. Before long Mike put John on a crew installing solar hot water systems in existing homes to help them lower their electric usage. Two years after that, John found himself on rooftops helping install full solar arrays. John was wonderful on the crew, but as happens with all of us if we’re lucky, he soon realized that steep roof planes, and full adulthood wasn’t the best mix, so John opted to get off the roof and spend more time as a lobbyist. In this role John has gone to numerous meetings in Charleston, always representing Solar and MTV in a wonderful light, and helping the powers that be, understand the wisdom and importance of renewable energy for all.

John, who incidentally is the uncle of Mike Studholme, one of our Energy Consultants, lives on a 5 acre Farmette, just outside of Hedgesville, WV. He shares his farm with his handsome yet mischievous cat Willie!  He enjoys his gardening area, and plans on adding a greenhouse into the mix so he can grow vegetables in an extended season.

He still has one of the original Nissan Leaf sedans! His home and transportation needs are mostly covered by the 9.4kW solar system on his roof.