Danny Chiotos

Danny joined the MTV Solar team in the Summer of 2018 and has been an asset to both the Sales Team, and office staff.  Danny is always providing good tools for all of us in the energy independence field.

He is a NABCEP Associate Certified Solar PV Consultant, and the BPI Building Analyst Certified Energy Efficiency Program Director.  That might all look like Greek to many, but what it means is that he knows the industry inside and out! In addition to being one of our consultants, he writes grants and proposals as well as coordinating the Community Give Back Program. Please read more on that while you’re on the website!

Danny currently resides in Charles Town, West Virginia!  He grew up in Falls Church, but after attending Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, he fell in love with the area and decided to make West Virginia his home! Danny puts his life into providing for his family, and in creating a more equal, just, and sustainable society.  He wants to make sure that as our economy shifts to renewable energy that Appalachia benefits from that transition and that this transition has broad benefits.  His time at Mountain View Solar provides the opportunity to expand the benefits of solar energy, and to prioritize projects within Appalachia.  Danny is a go-getter for sure!

Danny is married and has 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, and a flock of chickens.  He is currently trying to teach the chickens how to sit and stay!  We hope that works out for him! Of course if it does, he may have a new profession as a chicken whisperer and Animal Planet may grab him up. Perhaps we should hope it doesn’t work! Danny is always working, even when he’s not! If a client or coworker needs anything Danny will respond as soon as he can. If you don’t get a response from Danny, he’s either in an area with no reception, or we should call 911 to make sure he’s alive! He does it all for his family, as they are the most important thing in his life. When he gets a chance to watch TV he likes Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Black mirror, depressing movies his wife doesn’t watch!

Fun fact is that Danny can name the Presidents in order, and even the Generals at the Battle at Gettysburg!

When Danny was asked if there was one thing he could change in the world he responded with this: “This seems like a monkey’s paw kinda question where you change something good but it causes a lot of terrible things”