Mountain View Solar Installs Free Solar Panels at Kids Clubs

Winchester, VA – Mountain View Solar’s (mtvSolar) installation team arrived early Saturday morning to begin installing an array of 87 solar panels at the Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley. Mountain View Solar completed the installation for free as part of their Community Giveback Program to non-profit organizations.

“We are proud to help out an organization that has such a tremendous impact on the Winchester community,” said Mountain View Solar Founder and CEO Mike McKechnie. “Our installation in 2020 was just the beginning and we’re so glad to complete this project to help the Kids Clubs reduce their energy expenses.”

The Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley offers after-school programming and summer camps for children ranging from elementary school through high school. Many of the children that attend the Kids Clubs live below the poverty line.

“This has been a dream of ours for a long time and it’s amazing to complete this project,” said Sarah Bradley, Director of Development and Marketing for the Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley. “It also gives us a great opportunity to engage the kids with lessons on renewable energy and solar power. We’re looking forward to using the savings that we will receive as a teaching tool.”

Mountain View Solar is a regional solar and battery provider based in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia with satellite offices located in Winchester and Charles Town, West Virginia. Mountain View Solar has served the region by providing customized energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, government, and non-profits since 1995.

“The resources that are being saved for the Kids Clubs will allow them to provide more services for the kids,” said Winchester Mayor John David Smith Jr. “The City of Winchester recently adjusted our zoning laws so we can allow more permissible solar energy on buildings and that is an achievement that I am very proud of.”

Mountain View Solar’s Community Giveback Program operates on an “Install One, Get One” model in which every time a homeowner or business goes solar, they can donate one or more panels at no cost to a participating non-profit organization. The Community Giveback Program supports non-profit organizations who want to demonstrate clean energy and reduce their operating costs. Mountain View Solar is slated to continue the Community Giveback Program with other non-profit organizations this summer.

“This 35-kilowatt system is designed to cover 100% of the electricity usage by the Kids Club,” said Mountain View Solar’s Sales and Market Development Director, Danny Chiotos. “The reason why Mountain View Solar partners with the Kids Club is because of the rising prices in electricity, childcare, and family resource needs. The Community Giveback Program is our way of helping a local non-profit that has such a great impact on the community.”

The partnership began in 2019 when Mountain View Solar donated $14,000 worth of the solar panels to the Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley. In September 2020, Mountain View Solar installed 23 solar panels for the Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley. By increasing the non-profit’s solar array to 110 panels, Mountain View Solar will help eliminate the Kids Clubs’ electric bills in order focus all their resources on programming.

“Getting the Kids Clubs to net-zero means the money can go back into the programs for the kids who are more than deserving of this,” said Kerry Allden-Collis, Mountain View Solar’s Inside Sales Manager. “My children are members of the Kids Clubs and the impact that this will have on the community is a legacy that will last for over thirty years.”

For more information on the Kids Clubs of Northern Shenandoah Valley, please visit

Solar: A Viable Solution to Combating Skyrocketing Electricity Rates

Most hardworking Americans would agree that in a perfect world, the cost of living would always remain low. However, with predicted hikes in electricity rates, customers need a plan of action to combat higher costs and keep more of what they’ve earned in their pockets. As such, solar power is emerging as a viable solution for customers to save money on energy costs and save for their futures. With solar, customers can make the switch from being dependent on other sources of energy to instead becoming the administrators of their own energy supply and a more comfortable way of living.

What’s Happening?

The following sources outline some of the projected changes in electricity rates:

“West Penn Power consumers will see a 23.7% increase, up from 7.7569 cents to 9.592 cents per kilowatt hour. Penn Power’s cost will go from 7.082 cents to 8.694 cents per kilowatt hour, an increase of 22.7%, according to the commission.”

“Currently, the monthly bill for an Appalachian Power residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours is $155.66. If approved as filed, the adjustment would add $18.41 to that amount. The PSC said ENEC can be reviewed every year and often makes up one-third of a customer’s power bill. This request represents an additional 12% on Appalachian Power bills.”

“Beginning May 1, ODEC increased its costs to all its 11 cooperatives by $2.32 per megawatt hour (MWh), or 0.232 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). For a typical residential household that uses 1,000 kWh of electricity monthly, according to the SEC, there will be an increase of close to $2.32.”

Reasons for the Proposed Increases

There are several factors contributing to the need for a rate increase.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission expressed that “higher wholesale market prices for electricity are fueled in part by shifts in supply and demand for natural gas, increasing purchasing costs for electric distribution companies and driving up the price to compare, which accounts for about half of a total utility bill.”

Similarly, Virginia’s Old Dominion Electric Cooperative said “As a result of rising natural gas prices, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) has implemented a rate increase to cover the higher generation costs resulting primarily from those natural gas price increases, according to Southside Electric Cooperative (SEC).”

Power companies are struggling to keep up with the push and pull of supply and demand shifts. Additionally, power generation costs are higher due to the increase in purchasing costs during the production period. These factors combine to create higher utility costs for the consumer.

Escalating utility costs don’t just happen once. As rates continue to climb due to a variety of factors, alternative energy sources become more attractive to home and business owners. If you’re a frustrated consumer paying more for electricity due to increases beyond your control, consider going solar. The return-on-investment is gradual, and over time it produces significant savings for your home or business.

Benefits of Going Solar

With Mountain View Solar, understanding how solar works is made easy thanks to our highly experienced staff. We’ll show you how making the transition to solar power provides you with energy independence and how it results in economic and environmental benefits, such as:

Energy Independence:

  • Owning your own energy source
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels
  • Reduction of the nation’s dependency on imported fuels

Economic Benefits:

  • The Return-on-Investment (ROI) is typically 10-12 years
  • Free energy once the ROI is realized with expected system lifetime of 40+     years
  • Reduced uncertainty in energy costs

Environmental Impact:

Zero greenhouse emissions—To put this in perspective, a 5-kilowatt system installed in WV can offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions of one vehicle.

Mountain View Solar Can Help!

Choosing the best solar option for your home or business is easier than you think, thanks to our helpful and professional staff. We provide custom free estimates, and we can also provide you with financing information. Our financing options include $0 down options where you own your system. These financed systems can be cash positive from year 1 and are paid for it through fixed monthly payments which are often less than your electric savings + solar renewable energy credit income.

Take Note: Be cautious of companies encouraging solar system leases—you could end up with a 20-year contract or possibly a lien on your home. Solar leases can also greatly affect the sale of a home. At the end of the day, leasing does little to save you money and can result in you losing control over your own roof.

At Mountain View Solar, you can feel safe with the knowledge that you get:

  • Quality solar PV system with a 25-year panel warranty
  • Professional installation by our experienced, local, in-house team
  • A 26 percent Federal tax credit
  • SREC income that you keep
  • Added value to your home (Pearl Certification)

It is our mission to enable people throughout the region to utilize solar energy to experience energy independence and environmental stewardship. We also believe strongly in education and community outreach. Over the course of our 13 years, we’ve assisted businesses both small and large and helped owners of homes of all sizes. You’ll find the same dedicated level of Mountain View Solar customer service no matter the size of your home or business.

Solar energy is here, it’s exciting, and it benefits you and the environment. At Mountain View Solar, we make sure that we provide you with a free estimate that is easy to understand. And, we’re always open to and available for questions or concerns—something you don’t always find with utility and solar leasing companies.

If you’re ready to take control of your energy costs, contact us today. Life is busy enough—the rate increase you battle today will most likely reappear as utility companies struggle for financial footing. Not only does going solar improve your ROI in the long run, with the installation of batteries it provides invaluable peace-of-mind in the event of a power outage.

Mountain View Solar is a family-owned company based in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. We are also licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Let us help you decide upon the best solar option for your home or business. By investing now, you’ll be on the right path to a strong ROI and, best of all, energy independence you can rely on! It’s a win-win!